Parts Support

We Have That Part You Need

   When you contact California Propeller, you can feel  at  ease.  We're in the business of complete dedication. Everyone at Cal Prop is committed to supporting  the needs of the  world's operators of propeller driven aircraft.   Our  shelves  hold  well-over  100,000  line items  specifically  related  to propellers.        Need  new  Hamilton  (Standard) Sundstrand  material?    We house the world's largest  inventory.   Our  experience and single product  knowledge  sets  us  apart  from  others.  We  Carry  the  components  for   today's  comp-licated modern  turbine systems as well as parts for 1920's vintage aircraft.  We're  fully computer-ized,  but  also  maintain an impressive library of IPC's,  manuals  and  cross reference guides.  If we  don't  have it we know where to get it; quality parts from reputable but little-known sources.


 Specializing in a Product
      ...and the People Who Need it.

   Communication  is the corner-stone of  good service.  Whether it be an  immediate answer to an inquiry,    a  courtesy  call  while we're   working  on  an  order  or staying in touch from home, Cal Prop  is  geared  for   AOG  type demands.        No  one   at   our company works on a time basis; we work on jobs.  Our managers conduct   classes   on  propeller repair  and  servicing.    We even travel    to    customer    facilities around  the  globe  to  aid  in the proper  installation  of  the equip-ment we provide.

   We  also  support   those  who support.      Every  year  a   large percentage  of  our  sales  are to parts  resellers  and  repair  stat-ions.   We're  California Propeller but   you   can   think   of  us  as Everything Propeller.